WattPark = mobile app + charging station

The 1st charge point controled by a phone app. You can book it, share it and make money out of it. It even works in non service areas.

Just book, plug and charge

WattPark makes Electric Vehicles charge hassle free. Use our app to book, access and manage the charge point

60% faster than a standard plug

Don't get limited at 8A or 16A. Thanks to WattPark, unleash full speed 16A charge with our exclusive cable

Manage charge and parking

Control access to your charge point and parking spot controling an optional barrier via the application

Share and monetize access

WattPark owners have the possibility to share and monetise their charge point and therefore cash in on their energy.

Operable in no-service zones

Our charge point is "connected but offline". Using Bluetooth, It operates in no service-zones such as underground parking lots

Optimize energy consumption

You can adjust the charge intensity in real time or program use patterns according your needs and off-peak rates

Juice cars, scooters an bikes

Both type E (or FEMA for USA) and type 2 plus are selectable in our charge point via the app. You may charge any kind of electric vehicle.

Built to withstand vandalism

Our versatile solution meets international standards and can be implemented in both private and public parkings.

Customize your chargepoint

Choose the color or texture, add a logo and sound: our chargepoint can be customized to match your identity. It can be mounted on stand or wall.

Inexpensive & subscription free

Loaded with never seen before patended features, WattPark is 2 to 5 times less expensive than other "non smart" charge points. There is no hidden fee or subscription required.

Cash in on your your energy !

WattPark brings a lots of features no other charger does like sharing and monetising the access
WattPark 16
Our best selling charge point
  • App included
  • No subscription required
  • No hidden fees