WattPark offers a never seen before charging solution

WattPark is a bookable, monteziable and customizable chargepoint controled by a mobile application

Loads of features in a cutting-edge design chargepoint

Built to withstand vandalism, our chargepoint hides 2 plugs within its iris. It allows you to charge 60% faster than a standard plug. It can charge your car, scooter and bikes. It also host a camera that can recognize faces or car plates (optional). It can be mounted on a wall or on a stand and can control an optionnal parking barrier.

Your phone becomes the key to book, control and access the charge

Our exclusive mobile application allows users to book the chargepoint, find it thanks to the GPS and access the charge with a encrypted bluetooth secure connection. It allows owners to track and optimize their electric consumption. They can even share and monetize the access to the chargepoint under a collaborative model.